Monday, May 14, 2007

Horse Rotorvator

This is the album that turned me on to Coil. Originally released in 1986, a friend found a copy of it on cassette at a thrift store in Prattville, AL USA back in 1991. I'd honestly say hearing it changed the way I listened to music. Perhaps not en toto, but to a large degree. This issue of it is a 2001 release. With the blessings of Coil, Thighpaulsandra remastered this release. Jhon and Peter had previously taken it out of circulation, but it had been "released" in that time by its label sans Coil's nod. They then re-titled it "Stevo Pay Us What You Owe Us! Volume Two - HORSE ROTORVATOR - Remastered."

This is my desert island group. They are/were beyond description.


H. said...

Thanks for the link, I added you also. Cool blog, really good stuff here!

wassonii said...

No, Thank You! Part of the reason I started this is to stop being a lurker on such good sites as your own.

Templar said...

Hello. Thank you very much for all the great albums that you're sharing.
If I may ask; Is there a download link for this Horse Rotorvator remastered album?
Cheers, Templar.

Eden 263 said...

Wassonii, this album, along with Scatology, Gold Is The Metal and the Hellraiser 10", are amongst my all-time favourite and most influential pieces of music. Even my wife, who is not into my music at all, has found some of Coil's material to be breathtakingly good.
Thanks for your love of Coil, so much live material that I missed out on. Fabulous.