Monday, May 28, 2007

Night Wearing Feathers

at jennie ritchie

" a collaboration with At Jennie Richie called "Night Wearing Feathers" (actually by the newly-created organism known as Apt. J(ext)ie Irrchie, but that's all a little too technical to go into here.) " from Oneiromantic Ambiguity Collective 2006 updates myspace february 2006 developments:
"The next irr. audio twaddle to enter the world will most likely be a collaborative record with At Jennie Richie called 'Night Wearing Feathers', to be issued by Psychform in late March/early April. This will be a 3" CD with cover art provided by Stan Reed, released in a handmade edition of 200."


kami said...

great stuff. hard to find his stuff o'er here in corner of aus. what i have found i've loved... thanks

wassonii said...

Ya know, I was just listening to this piece a few days ago after a long hiatus and added it to the shuffle. I'm glad you like it. I think there's been a cassette from this melded group since I posted this initially, but couldn't honestly say. At any rate, Night Wearing is one that definitely grows more with each listen.
Be well!