Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Coil Live Alte Spinnerei, Glauchau 13 April 2002

This set has me going out on a limb to say that thus far, of the 2002 sets, this is the clearest recording, the finest channeling by Balance as well as his rapport with the audience and the sounds being generated/created within and around by all members of Coil. Moving on many levels.
Let me know what you think. (Not bad for an audience recording.-)
Caveat: First track doesn't kick in until after :52

13 April 2002
Set List:
Remote Introduction
Amethyst Deceivers
A Cold Cell
Paranoid Inlay
Sick Mirrors

Photos used without permission are from club debil . Please check the site as there are other pics from this set.
As always, a gracious thank you to F for access to this wonderful set and Sleazy for permission.
As you should know by now, should this be included in Colour Sound Oblivion, I will pull it from this blog. Until then, tho...


info@pressebuero-schwedeneck said...

Hey wassonii, thank you for all the postings of coil-concerts and albums. It is fine that you are back after a longer brake. Thanks again


Stiev A. said...

As always - though not always posted - many thanks!

wassonii said...

stiev - as always, you are most welcome.

volker - you, too. and it's good to be back:)

y'all be well.

disorder said...

You could have asked me, it would have been no problem... :-)
I just found this "by accident".


wassonii said...

Well hey there. More like, i should have asked, but better late than never, I now ask - Is it alright that I use some of your pics to complement this fine set and point viewers to your full collection?:0
The shots are wonderful and I can't thank you enough for having the presence of mind and talented eye to capture this night. Thank you!