Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Request: Coil Live Shows to which I do not currently have access...

1983.08.24 Air Gallery London
1983.10.12 Recession Studios London

2002.4.4 Rote Fabrik Zurich

2002.7.13 Dour Festival Dour, Belgium

2002.9.26 Tochka, Moscow

2002.9.29 Vagonka Club Kaliningrad

2002.10.16 Amager Bio Copenhagen, Denmark

2002.10.19 Fylkingen Stockholm
2002.10.30 Spoiler Talks DVD Series: Coil interview Vienna
January 20th, 2003
Spoiler - a "globally unique platform for electronic popular culture" located in Vienna, Austria - have teamed up with Subetage Records to release a series of DVDs featuring recordings of the lectures & workshops that they have been holding since last September. Included in this series is a two hour recording of COIL's appearance there on October 30th, 2002.
There is a catch, however: Each DVD is limited to a single copy which can be borrowed free of charge from the Spoiler library. Spoiler and their library can be found at Museumsplatz 1 in Vienna.
wassonii note: as such this is still "in print" and I encourage anyone able to to check this out)

2004.6.3 Melkweg Amsterdam

2004.10.23 Dublin

The following is all I could find from the Fylkingen show:

Anarcocks have pics from some of the sets in 2002.
Any help obtaining audio files of these for either personal or posting purposes will be greatly appreciated!

Coil Live at Wiki
Coil Live at Wassonii
Coil Live at Because God Told Me To Do It

Among the official releases, those posted here and those posted at Because God Told Me To Do It, I believe the above to be the missing pieces. Holler, though, if I am incorrect. (Which I sometimes am:)


David said...

Do you have access to the Recession Studios (London, October 12th, 1983) recordings listed on the Brainwashed site under the "Live" section? I don't know if this is really a live recording or not, but I'd love to hear it. Also, do you know where one could find the Spoiler Workshop and Lecture from Vienna? Otherwise your list and mine correspond.

Thanks again for all of your hard work tracking these down and sharing them with us.

wassonii said...

Hello David. It's my pleasure to share the live output of Coil. As to the 83,I do not have it. Nor do I have the Spoiler W&L, but I'll add them to the list above:)

Samuel said...

It appears that the 1983.08.05 show is actually the August 4th show you're looking for. There was no performance on the 5th (as far as both Brainwashed and Wikipedia are concerned).

wassonii said...

Wishful thinking. Thank you:)

Anonymous said...

Are you still looking for Tiny Tim's Christmas album? It's a particular seasonal favorite in our house, I'd be delighted to share it with you - and thanks for the great sounds! I'll check back here in a few days :-)

wassonii said...

It's actually on itunes, of all places, and I was very happy to find it.
Thank you very much for the kind offer and comments.
Hope all is well (and the Christmas Album sees reissue:)

davID said...

Hey, I had another request. It's not a live show this time, but for something that has become a bit of a holy grail for me. I would love to finally be able to hear the original vinyl mixes of the Coil album "Astral Disaster". The ones that were released on the Prescription label. The only one I've ever managed to track down was "The Sea Priestess" and I was amazed at how different the two were. Any chance you could track this down and post it at some point?

Thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

i´ve uploaded the leipzig show (2004) to DIME a few days ago...


wassonii said...

awesome, though I have to confess ignorance to "DIME". Sorry, it's been a long weekend, work-wise.

wassonii said...

Yes, well, the brain is just now kicking in:)
Hadn't been able to get on there until today. I've maintained the request of no mp3 or lossy, but will be posting it here as apple waveless. manythanks manythanks. what an amazing set!

Anonymous said...

I'm searching for the Leipzig 2004 recordings but the files at rapidshare have all disappeared. Any idea where I can find the Leipzig 2004 show?

Thanks in advance for your effort.


wassonii said...

Marx -
I have just reposted with the individual tracks uploaded. Let me know if you have any issues. I would have posted yesterday, but there was some crazy storm activity which caused power losses.
Take care!