Friday, April 4, 2008

Selvaggina, Go Back Into The Woods

Selvaggina: Wild animals hunted for food, more notably larger game.

The Gimp - Sometimes
Sex with Sun Ra
All the Pretty Little Horses
Tattooed Man
Teenage Lightning
Black Antlers
Bang Bang
Amethyst Deceivers

Personnel: Peter Christopherson, John Balance, Thighpaulsandra, Tom Edwards (I seek second opinion on this as the Mason review is the only current source.) on marimba

A great, cohesive set. Beautiful all the way around. As with my previous post of an audience recording of this set , I urge you to give a listen to both to know what the difference will be between the other archival recordings here on this blog and what will be part of the Colour Sound Oblivion set. A must if you haven't yet heard it.
A surprisingly good review from Billboard(James Mason)
Selvaggina at Brainwashed
Selvaggina at Wiki
and at Discogs
here at 192 least until CSO arrives/is announced (Thank you to Sleazy for allowing me to put the live stuff out for now. This used to be offered as DL from ThresholdHouse, but isn't any longer. Should that change or the aforementioned CSO, this will be removed. Mille Grazie.)

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Anonymous said...

Many thanks for posting this.
Haven't had a chance to listen properly yet, but I think some parts sound better on the audience recording and vice versa.