Sunday, April 6, 2008

Coil Live Thessaloniki 5 October 2002 Video

Available on CSO

Now then, before you get all excited, I loaded this through Rapidshare, so there are many files involved. That's how it is.
This is the show that can be found at Youtube in parts

although I think this a better quality, I am not objective. Definitely for the completist whom does not currently have it.
As with the audio files, when Colour Sound Oblivion is officially announced, should this set be a part, it will be removed.

These pics are from the massimo and pierce anarcocks site and are used without permission, but there are several more of this set at their site, and more from others in this incarnation of Coil Live.

As with the other live Coil, all thanks to F for access and Sleazy for permission.
Persistance is All.

Sine Waves (I Am Angie Bowie)
Last Rites Of Spring
Are You Shivering?
Amethyst Deceivers
A Warning From The Sun
Untitled (Never Turn The Lights On In A Dark Room)
Ostia (Death Of Pasolini)
I Don't Want To Be The One
BangBang (absent from this recording)
Captain Bart Welcomes You Aboard Flight 23 (Because God Told Me To Do It)


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!

yob_tva said...

colour sound and oblivion my daughters and i are enjoying your great work


wassonii said...

my pleasure.
Hopefully CSO will be out sometime this year. Until then...

Veronika said...

Thank you so much! This really made my day :)

wassonii said...

veronika - you are welcome.
it made mine, too, when i first was able to watch it in its entirety.
more to come...

John said...

Hello, I'm afraid I'm not too gifted when it comes to computers. Do you have a recommendation as to how to view the files once they are downloaded? I'm used to video in .avi, .mp4, quicktime files (I use a Mac) and can't seem to open this video using any program I have. Thanks for any advice, this is an amazing site.

wassonii said...

No worries.
Given the choice of audio ts or video ts, click on video ts. The first icon should be video ts ifo file. click on that and whatever program you use should open it.
Please let me know if you have any further difficulties.
Were it not for the kindness of others, I wouldn't be able to even have access to some of these musicks. I'm just the harbinger.

Anonymous said...

hi, i didn't download to watch, but your track list is most definitely missing "bang bang", which was played right before "captain bart..."

wassonii said...

Hey there a nonny-mouse. I am somewhat chagrinned:)
The audio I have for this set omits bangBang (Jhonn refers to the Sonny Bono song as having gotten the most applause, but the song is missing) and that is the set list from which i copied. Thank you for pointing it out and my apologies for only now getting around to't.
Hope all is well!