Friday, April 4, 2008

Coil Live Paradiso, Amsterdam-NL (01 June 2001)

This set is part of the Dutch Radio 4 Supplements (disc 4, to be exact), but this entry has the tracks separated, so I don't feel too badly posting this show for the sake of completeness.
I can't find from whence I culled the pic. Will make proper note once I locate it.
Thank you to F for access and Sleazy for permission. Please know that this will be removed if part of Colour Sound Oblivion. Until then, have enjoy.)
Higher Beings Command
Amethyst Deceivers
What Animal Are You?
Blood From The Air (Jeez this is an eerie version)
I Am The Green Child
Constant Shallowness Leads To Evil
And as a side note:
Coil Live 12 April 2002 Volksb├╝hne Berlin is a set I do not have as audio.
What I have found, though, is its entry at Youtube
From that Berlin set(and a thanks to SineWaves23 for uploading it, wherever/whomever they may be. I'm just sorry I am only now seeing it):


J said...

Thank you very much!
I visited the show in Amsterdam 2001 and it was one of the most intensive performances I've ever seen.
Nice to be able to listen to it again, I never thought I would have any chance.

Zotenschmied said...

i have two different recordings of this concert. one might just be extracted from the video - this is something i have not yet checked.

it would be a pleasure for me to share it with you.

der zotenschmied

wassonii said...

I would like to hear it, thank you.
I haven't compared this one against the one I posted with the Dutch Radio 4 set (it's being one track versus these separated), but the more the merrier!

wassonii said...

The sequence of reading comments didn't match their time sig, so J, glad you had a good time and if you haven't already, please check out disc 4 of the radio set referred to in my post. Thanks to Zotenschmied and now your remembrance, I'm going to give em both a comparative listen. Thank you both:)

Maarten said...

Thnx for seperating them.

i left them in one peace to be as original to the radio show as possible.

wassonii said...

It is much better for a proper listen as one. It and many more will go away soon with CSO arriving next year.