Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Lepore Extrusion cd extras

excerpt from "Is Evolution Evil?:
Surgical Transformations as the New Punk Aesthetic in the 21st Century"

by Daniel McKernan:
"Our human form is becoming modified to the point of no return.
The traditional definition of form according to Webster’s Dictionary is
“the nature, structure, or essence of a thing, considered apart from its content,
color, texture, or composition.” On the other hand, Henri Bergson believed
more in the idea of formlessness: “What is real is the continual change of form:
form is only a snapshot view of a transition.” (Bergson, 302) Butler believes
that the objects of one’s desire force one to push against the boundaries
of binary sexuality."

Full text, video, and schematic included in DL.

Parts 1, 2, 3
All Parts Must Be Opened Together. Files Are Not Separated.
Oh yes, Brainwashed . The beautiful people that originally made this disc available. Thanks to them. Please support their excellent label and site!

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