Wednesday, April 2, 2008

NWW IKRA Club, Moscow 30 September 2007


Nurse With Wound

Some viddy Some more viddy of this show

You know, I meant to take a better listen to this set to be more accurate on it's tracklisting. Unfortunately I didn't and the kind soul who gave me the opportunity to even hear this fantastic set either didn't note it or I misplaced the information (morelike the latter). My apologies. I've kind of guessed at a couple, but let me know what you think/know. Regardless, excellent quality, for sure. Audience. Other infos contained within. Please read the disclaimer below and within and please heed. Otherwise, enjoy. I have.

If this has been posted elsewhere, I don't mean to duplicate, so please advise. I hadn't seen it when searching. Anyway, carry on:)

Between 256-320

1.Nurse With Wound - Intro
2.Nurse With Wound feat. David Tibet (I think "Dead Side Of The Moon", but that's only because of the lyric
3.Nurse With Wound
4.Nurse With Wound
5. Nurse With Wound
6. Nurse With Wound feat. David Tibet (Two Shaves And A Shine, I think)
7. Nurse With Wound feat. David Tibet
8. Nurse With Wound - Intermission
9. Nurse With Wound feat. David Tibet - Maldoror Is Ded

p.s. Huffin' Rag Blues on track for this coming June:)


Princess Sparkle Pony said...

Ooh, I'm very happy to hear this. I haven't seen it anywhere else. Very cool!

wassonii said...

If the Princess is happy, I am happy:)
I also seek the knowledge of your ear after a proper listen, please.