Thursday, April 10, 2008

Coil Live The Ocean London 25 July 2004

Song List (One Track @ 256):
Intro Music
The Gimp (Sometimes)
Sex With Sun Ra
All The Pretty Little Horses
Tattooed Man (The Dark Age Of Love)
Teenage Lightning (10th Anniversary)
I Can't Get A Word In (edgeways)
Wraiths And Strays
Only 5 or so minutes of last song. I didn't record it, I am just thankful to even hear it.
So, thank you F for access and Sleazy for permission.
A strange and wondrous set. I am very interested to hear what Sleazy does with this one.
Should this set be included in Colour Sound Oblivion, I will remove it from this site. Until then...
Part 1
Part 2

As a side note:
Internet Archive has several Coil interviews available.


Stiev A. said...


any interest to send you my list of Coil live recordings - just for the chance I have something you don't have?

wassonii said...

Yes, please. Thank you very much for your offer:)

Anonymous said...

Do you have a list of which gigs you're missing?
I think I'm down to about 10 now.
Probably about half of what I've got has been via yr blog so thanks again for all your work to share these.

The Shivering Manatee said...

Yay. I went to this gig too, it's a shame a complete recording has never shown up. Here's a photo from the gig :

Would you have a large scan of the poster by any chance ???

wassonii said...

The poster was nabbed from Answers, so unfortunately, no. Thanks for the pic link!

Ian said...

I had tickets for this show, but was delayed coming home from a trip away. It was a hot nevening, and hackney was the other side of London, and I thought "well, I will see them next time..."
I regret this so much.
However, I did see Coil a good few times but this is such a powerful show.

wassonii said...

At least you got to see them up close and personal:)
What other shows did you happen to catch?
Thank you for sharing!