Saturday, June 23, 2007

The World That Summer 20th Anniversary Bonus Disc

Please note: This disc is now available separately from Soleilmoon. (wassonii 6 Sept. 08)
Death In June

Come Before Christ And Murder Love (2006)
Love Murder (Corn Years)
Break The Black Ice (Corn Years)
Rocking Horse Night (2006)
Torture By Roses (2006)
Rule Again (Corn Years)

The stone box edition is sold out and I believe this disc to be inherent to that release.
If you can find one, this is a beautiful presentation containing a nice artifact regarding the transitioning sound of DIJ. The "regular"reissue of TWTS proper is available either by itself through i-tunes, so check them out. Support your favourite artists if able!
The songs from The Corn Years have been remastered, but are otherwise identical to that release (way OOP). The 2006 tracks are beautiful and simply approached, allowing the songs and voice to be absorbed.
Check the killer mp3 player at the DIJ site.
Anyone have some Scorpion Wind to share?:)


Anonymous said...

I have Scorpion Wind... and anything else that Boyd Rice has done...
I will post it next. Give me a few days.

As for "The World That Summer". I have the regular CD reissue and the LP. The LP is was beautifully packaged when it first came out as a gatefold release with pictures and lyrics. Originally David Tibet was listed only as 777 (I think, the LP is up in the rafters of my garage). This was my second LP by DIJ to own. I bought "The Guilty Have No Pride" LP because the cover was cool and it was in the punk section. I thought TWTS was revolutionary when I first listened to it. The song "Blood Victory" ended up being barely playable because I listened to it so often. Ah the memories!

wassonii said...

Yes! Many moons ago I collected their vinyls, though most have since gone to the winds, scattered.
Douglas' constant attention to detail is magnifique! Thank you.

Aleksandar said...

For Scorpion Wind check

Eden 263 said...

Blodvargr also has Scorpion Wind up, wasonnii.
I have the vinyl of 'World' (bought on release day), and the Corn Years CD too, and am supporting Doug by buying via i-Tunes and/or emusic. The absence of Brown Book anywhere is a problem, I have it on vinyl, but not CD.
Good blog, keep it up!

wassonii said...

Thank you very much. I haven't yet, but will be getting a copy of the SW rerelease and can't wait to see it and hear any sonic differences. It is such a pleasure to goto itunes and have someone I respect so highly have their musicks accessible via legal downloads. The only reason i have this disc and the second of BB20 on the blog is they are OOP now and exclusive to those releases, but the music needs to be heard. Of course, should the honorable Douglas P issue any of these sounds via online or otherwise, I will pull them. Thanks very much for the heads up on Blodvargr!
Heilige Tod!