Friday, June 1, 2007

The Great In The Small

Music For The Rest Of Us
Excerpt from a great write up at Music For The Rest Of Us (because, honestly, i couldn't have been more eloquent. Further in he gives good caution regarding one's approach to this album. Check it out)"The totality of David Tibet's work as Current 93 on one album, consisting of one hour-long track. For the average band, this would be for somewhat awkward proposition at best. For Current 93, however, the end result is mind-boggling. For the recording is supposedly every song out of every album in his 20+ album back catalogue, plus every unreleased song he has created (including alternate mixes, both b-side and compilation track inclusions). Thus, for sixty minutes, a veritable flood of noise rushes past your ears, with absolutely no rhyme or reason. Over a hundred guitar rhythms rub elbows with David Tibet's hissed and half-sung vocals as an astonishing amount of "proto-industrial" sound effects rise up all over the place. While it is possible to isolate a single song and listen in it in it's entirety, who would want to, given the immense amount of concentration to make it out amidst the dozens of other songs around it? Kudos must be givent to Stephen Stapleton, for managing to keep this album a bewildering curiousity rather than the absolute failure it could have been. This is musique concrete, taken to the extreme, then shoved off of the edge of sanity's plateau."

madness. 192, unfortunately

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Anonymous said...

The end result is an unlistenable mess! I sold this CD within days of over-paying for it... wish I would have/could have listened to it first...