Wednesday, June 20, 2007

She And Me Fall Together In Free Death

A fantastic Nurse piece. The review excerpt below is apt and I can only add that this is the first appearance of Stapleton as lead vocalist(Black is the Color... note: this tracked gets severely treated on Rat Tapes One, which I'll get around to posting). Brilliant!
Good to hear, but nothing like holding the actual piece of work in your hands. I believe still available at BlR(follow link below)
Following info culled from Brainwashed
Tracks :
1 She and Me Fall Together Like Free Death
2 Black is the Color of my True Loves Hair
3 Chicken Concret
4 Gusset Typing
5 She And Me Fall Together Like Free Death (Phosphorous Mix)
6 Chicken Korma
Label Beta-Lactam Ring Records 2003
Edition MT040c. First edition of 500 signed copies in hand-made cloth bag. CD image shows an animal skull sculpture MT040d. Second edition of 1000 copies in digipak. CD image shows the face of a girl.
(wassonii note: Only the first 50 discs of the cloth bag edition were the skull sculpture. Mine is the face image)
Sleeve Notes :
Steven Stapleton Colin Potter Cover Sculptures by S. S. Photographs by Andria Tibet Little girl voice on track 2 by Alice Potter Mixed by S. S. & C. P. Engineered by C. P. Recorded Feb 2003 at the Watertower Preston.
Following review excerpted from Brainwashed, by J Dean(and was regarding the LP release):
"Since the early 80's, Nurse With Wound has been pushing the opposite concept. Steven Stapleton's music is not made to make you feel better, or as something upbeat to play while doing crunches. Stapleton's music is designed for active, deep listening. You simply can't just play it in the background as you converse with friends. Even his most ambient pieces are not meditative; they are designed as a complex drama to make you FEEL something. Steven Stapleton's newest release is a full-length LP on the incomparably interesting Beta-Lactam Rings label. She and Me Fall Together in Free Death is probably the most approachable, largely "musical" album that NWW has released since Rock N' Roll Station. It's also one of his strangest concepts, a marriage of trance-inducing Krautrock grooves with a traditional jazz standard and some jarringly atonal musique concrete...
...Side B ends with the hyper-sexualized "Gusset Typing," in which a mutated woman's voice describes her masturbation and orgasm in intimate, anatomical detail. Her monologue is set against an intense rhythmic throbbing that builds as she reaches her climax. At the end, she blows her load and the record ends. This certainly qualifies as an active listening experience, and it's also a great make-out record! "


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I have removed the second part of this album. This is for preview purposes, after all. Still available from Beta-lactam Ring Records.