Saturday, June 16, 2007

Listen Compute Rock Home: The Best of Dimension 5

In "Abracadabra," Miss Nelson instructs, "Every time the music stops, you be the sound you hear."
From "Upside Down" :
"Everything you do when you are a child, everything you think about and sing about, everything you want to be when you grow up, it means a lot to the world around, it means a lot when the sky is upside down."

from a review of Hush Little Robot on pop matters
"Haack's work took him everywhere from television studios to children's dance classes. It was in one such class that he met teacher Esther Nelson, with whom he'd go on to create many albums of popular children's music.
Haack and Nelson's records were largely unique for one simple reason: they addressed their youthful audience as human beings rather than baby-talking simpletons. The songs stressed imagination, role-playing and creativity, routinely paired with infectious, futuristic melodies."
Haack available at Forced Exposure

This collection of tracks from Haack's children's albums is OOP, though there are some of the albums proper back in print, albeit out of Nippon. FE has some. Saw some through Amazon, too.
Strange and wondrous.

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