Friday, June 15, 2007

Simple Headphone Mind

Track Listing:
Simple Headphone Mind
Trippin' with the Birds
Sleeve Notes:
All music composed and arranged by Stereolab / Nurse With Wound Collage and mix . Steven Stapleton Special guests David Kenny . Rhythm guitar and solo Nora Duus . Voice Engineered by David Kenny, London Matt Purcel, Harmony Row, Ennis Mixing assistance David Kenny, Mark Angelo, Colin Potter. Cover - Santini
more infos at Brainwashed

Neue Kraut weirdness with a catchy groove. I believe only the first track has been reissued.



armeur H said...


armeur H said...

Simply fantastic ! thanks Wasso !

wassonii said...

My pleasure. This is easily one of my favourite oddities. Glad you like!

Princess Sparkle Pony said...

This is a strangely impossible to find one, so I'm very, very happy! Yay!

treefinger said...

hmm.. but where is the link?!

Anonymous said...

love stereolab, auteur band, definitely would be great to see live, sophisticated to the point of quite dry, they are excellent and not for the amateur.. thanks so much for posting the show and the disc.. horon

wassonii said...

My pleasure. I think it's quite a nice set:)