Monday, June 4, 2007


The Final Concert Of The 20th Century
9th July 1999Melbourne Australia
PersonnelDouglas P. - Guitars, Percussion and Lead Vocals
Albin Julius - Keyboards, Tapes, Percussion and Vocals
John Murphy - Percussion and Vocals
Dedication: To All Those Who Fight In Isolation
01 Smashed To Bits ( In The Peace Of The Night )
02 Bring In The Night
03 Despair
04 Only Europa Knows
05 The Bunker
06 Little Blue Butterfly
07 Frost Flowers
08 Death Of The West
09 Heaven Street
10 Little Black Angel
11 Kameradschaft
12 Giddy Giddy Carousel
13 Ku Ku Ku
14 Runes And Men
15 Rose Clouds Of Holocaust
16 Hullo Angel
17 Leper Lord
18 Fall Apart
19 Fields Of Rape
20 C'est Un Reve
As with certain other DIJ releases, this one is currently OOP with no set rerelease. 320

Death In June sitelisting for Heilige! (follow the song links for lyrics:)

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