Friday, June 8, 2007

Odds and Ends: 1

Musicians on "Bastards"
Ara Anderson - Trumpet
Michael Blair - Drums, Percussion
Brain - Percussion
Matt Brubeck - Bass
Crispin Cioe - Sax
Bent Clausen - Piano
Greg Cohen - Bass
Eddie Davis - Banjo
Darrell Devore - Circular Violin
Mitchell Froom - Chamberlain
Bob Funk - Trombone
Arno Hecht - Saxes
Bart Hopkins - Bamboo Clarinet
Carla Kihlstedt - Violin
Guy Klesevik - Accordion
Gary Knowlton - Keyboards
Mike Knowlton - Guitar
Larry LaLonde - Guitar
Mark Linkous - Guitar, Drums, Bass
Paul "Hollywood" Litteral - Trumpet
Charlie Musselwhite - Harmonica
Tom Nunn - The Bug
Marc Ribot - Guitar
Bebe Riesenfors - Clarinet
Colin Stetson - Sax
Larry Taylor - Bass
Richard Waters - Waterphone
Casey Waits - Drums
Tom Waits - Vocals, Percussion, Pump Organ

All songs Waits/Brennan except:
What Keeps Mankind Alive - Kurt Weill/Bertolt brecht
Children's Story - Georg Buchner's Woyzeck
Heigh Ho - Churchill/Morey
Army Ants - Insect facts gathered from The World Book Encyclopedia, Audobon Field Guide,
reliable sources and the naked eye.
Book Of Moses - Alexander Lee Spence
Two Sisters - Trad. arranged by Waits/Brennan
Nirvana - Charles Bukowski
Home I'll Never Be - Kerouac/Waits
Poor Little Lamb - Kennedy/Waits
King Kong - Daniel Johnston
On The Road - Kerouac/Waits

From booklet rear:
"Dying Words Of Famous Men":
'Is this your fidelity?' - Nero
'Let the light enter.' - Goethe
'The artery ceases to beat.' - Haller
'I am about to die' - Samuel Johnson
'Give Dayrolles a chair.' - Chesterfield
'It matters little how the head lieth.' - Raleigh

"Bastards is concerned with Waits' more experimental musical styles, opening with an adaptation of Bertolt Brecht's poem "What Keeps Mankind Alive?" (music by Kurt Weill) and continuing on "Children's Story", which is en excerpt of Georg Büchner's play Woyzeck, the score of which Waits wrote and later released as his Blood Money album. The disc contains other literary adaptations, including a Charles Bukowski poem about enlightenment ("Nirvana") and two songs, "Home I'll Never Be" and "On the Road", originally penned by Jack Kerouac."

"We're doing a thing called "Orphans," a lot of songs that fell behind the stove while making dinner, about 60 tunes that we collected. Some are from films, some from compilations. Some is stuff that didn't fit on a record, things I recorded in the garage with kids. Oddball things, orphaned tunes." - Tom Waits


b3A7n1k said...

Hey, there. I'm in the process of downloading this album as I write this. I took note that there's a Brecht/Weill bit on this compilaiton of rarities. Don't know if you like Kurt Weill or not but there's a great collection of his work put together by modern musicians that's just great! Nick Cave does Mack The Knife! William S Burroughs does a version of What Keeps Mankind Alive?! Lou Reed does September Songs. If you haven't heard it yet, you should check it out! There's also a video out there with videos by all the musicians on the album. It's called September Songs.

Here are links to videos from the film.

William S Burroughs- What Keeps Mankind Alive?

Nick Cave- Mack The Knife

David Johansen, Ellen Shipley ,Ralph Schuckett and Bob Dorough

wassonii said...

Awesome! Thank you. I had heard of that comp, but haven't picked it up yet. Manythanks for the vid links.

wassonii said...

I have removed the second part of the disc, to retain preview-purposes status. This is a limited edition, though I don't know how many that means, so after it leaves availability, ...

Maldoror said...

Second link is missing. Could you repost it??