Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Final Solstice II

From Discogs :

1 Sorrow Petite Cloche Faict Grand Son
2 Sorrow The Final Solstice
3 Sorrow Extracts From The Fairy Queene
4 Rosa Mundi The Snow Man
5 Spell I Got You Babe
6 Velocity Star Warm Leatherette
7 Peran Ophis Nierika
8 Strawberry Switchblade Tibet
9 Resonance (3) Butterfly Hawk

Rose McDowall
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Fucking amazing. I am chagrinned to have missed this the first go 'round.
Beautiful, sexy, kitschy, dreamy.
Originally The Final Solstice was released as a short piece in a limited run. Due to demand, Sorrow released this one with added Rose collaborations.
You must have this, for the Rosa Mundi(w/ John Balance) and Warm Leatherette alone.
OOP 320


Anonymous said...

I know that Robert Lee and Rose are no longer together, so there is no more Sorrow, but they sure were good together!

wassonii said...

So it goes. And yes, they were.
This is a good hodge-podge, but the collaboration is really shown on Sleep Now Forever. I'll be posting that tomorrow or so after a solid listen.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you,

I owned a copy of this one, and i've been ever since wanting a copy of it back, today is the day for this.


Victor - Tijuana, México.

Eden 263 said...

Wassonii, again, a thousand thanks.

wassonii said...

A thousand you are welcomes:)

youandmeandrainbows said...

Thanks for this! Amazing!

Roger said...

Thanks for posting this! There's nothing quite like hearing Boyd and Rose singing 'I Got You Babe' together.