Friday, June 1, 2007

Electric Lucifer Book 2

From Discogs :
1 Mean Old Devil
2 Ancient Mariner
3 Stand Up Lazaras
4 Hookin For The Honey
5 Just A Song At Twilight
6 Good-Life-Good Life
7 Gastronomicplentyfication
8 Noonday Sun
9 Moonlight And Roses
Born on May 4, 1931 in Alberta, Canada, Bruce Clinton Haack is one of the pioneers of electronic music during the 50's and 60's. Prolific composer behind a huge span of wildy creative, from electronic childrens songs to satanic music, as well as being an inventor of weird musical instruments like the Theremin-inspired Magic Wand and the Dermatron, a device that worked off the natural conductivity of the human body.


Anonymous said...

To funny. This is on my ipod. I saw a thing on Bruce Haack on the documentary channel, his life was much more normal than his music lets on. This particular release is really deserves the title "a head of it's time!".

wassonii said...

Even for 79, absolutely.
I used to have a cassette of EL, the first. Damn if I can't find it now.

Anonymous said...

I have it... I'll post it eventually. Like you I have to dig it out.

- said...

I'm surprised to see so many people who enjoy Bruce Haack! I consider him to be a pioneer.

wassonii said...

He was a pioneer who goes unknown in many circles.