Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Rat Tapes One

Subtitled "an accumulation of discarded musical vermin 1983-2006 "
All tracks are untitled, save for their length. Track one is a mad manipulation of "Black Is The Colour..." from "She And Me..." that I warned you about with this post.
Fans will recognise sounds from throughout the years, all warped into and through each other. Nice twisted portions from the "Thunder Perfect Mind" sessions, crazy prog sensations, and musical oddities throughout, this is limited to 1000, and still available here and there; pick it up if you can.
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Sleeve Notes: artwork: Steven Stapleton layout: Matthew Waldron thanks to: Ken Garwood, Jim Haynes, Colin Potter , David Tibet special thanks to: Matthew Waldron (aw, shucks)
Notes: From James Schidlowsky: Track 14's lyrics are from Frank Zappa's "Trouble Every Day" off his 1966 debut album "Freak Out!"


Princess Sparkle Pony said...

I bought this recently, and it's still available for sale, so I kinda want to encourage people to support lone voices in the wilderness like Nurse with Wound by purchasing their stuff. This is also true of "She and Me Fall Together...".


Anyway, this one was a little bit of a let-down. There's some cool stuff on it, but way too many recycled noises from Thunder Perfect Mind, including a version of the "Miss Ticker Mix" of "Cold" simply played backwards, make it seem like NWW filler. This ain't no "A Sucked Orange", in other words.

wassonii said...

The Good Princess brings up a fantastic point. The two titles referenced will be gone from here in the next day or so, as they are still available. The attempt here is to help others find their way through the many sounds of NWW.