Thursday, June 7, 2007

Shipwreck Radio: Final Broadcasts

Track Listing:
June 22 (30:18)
July 13 (30:29)
Notes from Brainwashed:
"Available initially at the first NWW gigs in San Francisco, although copies available after the shows.
Between June & July 2004, as guests of Kunst I Nordland, NWW broadcast twenty four unexpected radio transmissions from the Arctic Lofoten Islands"
In which Steven and Colin trek to overtake sounds found in the Arctic.
Still available from ICR, I'm only posting July 13. Beast to yesterday's beauty.
Have yet to get/hear the other parts of the broadcasts, but in time.
Brainwashed, as usual, has a good review.


the art of memory said...

very cool, i was at those sf shows but didn't get the cd. thanks

XMP said...

woah that artwork is truly frightening!