Monday, June 4, 2007

Furnace 4 Song Advance

from promo sleeve:
Four Song Advance CD Download Furnace
cEVIN Key, Dwayne Goettel, Philth, Mark SpybeyWith guest Genesis P-Orridge
Produced by David Ogilvie
"DOWNLOAD is the evolution of SKINNY PUPPY. These four songs from the forthcoming Cleopatra Records release"Furnace" represent the first new material from SKINNY PUPPY members cEVIN Key and Dwayne Goettel in almost three years. Key has also been the driving force behind recording projects as varied and respected as The Tear Garden, Hilt, CyberAktif, Doubting Thomas, and Dead Voices on Air. This release presents cEVIN and Dwayne (2/3 of PUPPY) with friends Mark Spybey (Dead Voices On Air, ex-Zoviet France) and Vancouver DJ Philth on their latest musical journey. Producer extraordinaire David Ogilvie (SKINNY PUPPY, Babes In Toyland, The Final Cut, etc.) completes the all star line-up. The band is available for interviews and will tour to support the release later this year."

Please note I did not write that stuff. However, it's some good music and the info is appreciated. Never really followed this act after Furnace, but I can certainly appreciate what they've done. This is a solid representation of their more "industrial" sound. Plus there is Gen.

from Download Wiki :
"In the first era of Download's career, the band's sound was an Experimental Industrial style which featured vocals by Mark Spybey and guest vocals by Genesis P. Orridge. Their first LP, Furnace, was arguably their least accessible-most of the tracks lasted for over four minutes, some lasting as long as nine minutes. Their next release, the Microscopic EP continued this style. It featured three remixes of tracks from Furnace (only one of which was remixed by the band itself, the other two were remixed by Biosphere and Newt), along with five original tracks......In December 2006, cEvin Key announced that new material has been recorded for a new album (entitled Fixer) to be released in the fall of 2007. Mark Spybey, one-time member and guest vocalist, is to record some tracks with Key and Western in the near future.
*********A special-edition of Furnace is also set to be released with Subconscious' From the Vault II series. The new release will include a 2nd disc with a collection of the live jams that went down in the first jam sessions for Download."
Originally released in 1995

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