Thursday, June 21, 2007

Straight To Hell Bonus Track

I've been thinking about this for a few years; the coupling of industrial/drone with American Country music. Seriously:) It's always been there, hidden, from autoharp drone to sympathetic tones in the banjo and the multitude of sounds from other "traditional" instruments adapted to American song-styling (ala the route jazz took, has taken, is taking), but someone genuinely from the genre twisting their sounds while maintaining integrity- usually it comes off as a bad trip or some sort of novelty. While most country fans will/have tossed this track aside for those reasons, I ask that you take a moment to give a listen. "Hidden" as track 2, this 42 minute piece has found sounds and uneasiness giving way to spectral plectoral familiarity and soothing vox of times from a past likely to not be heard from again. Channeling Sr. at times, Shelton Hank Williams leaves the recorder going and among the chaos and manipulation, demos of a few of his tracks, a Wayne Hancock song, and a stellar cover of Up In Smoke, all surrounded by track manipulation and twists. Seriously, give it a gander. The rest of this album is straight-forward Hank III and worth every penny. If you are fortunate enough to catch his live show with The Damn Band and Assjack, go. For the first leg of this Summer's tour, Jim Goad's outfit will be opening. Then later, Hank opens for The Reverend Horton Heat.
You have been informed.


Mars said...

They play this record at work all the time (Shelton's from around here), THIS TRACK HAS SOMEHOW NEVER BEEN AUDITIONED. Cool. Thanks.

wassonii said...

It's such a good album, but I can understand some people's "aversion" to this track, regardless of how good it is. You are welcome.