Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Acts Of Senseless Beauty

Track Listing:
1 Either Open or Unsound
2 Bloodclot
3 A Window of Possible Organic Development
4 The Entertainer
5 Some Magic Powers
Steven Stapleton Petr Vastl Peat BogDavid Kenny
Sleeve Notes:
All music performed by, mixed and executed by NURSE WITH WOUND and ARANOS

Cover by Babs Santini from an idea by Petr Vastl

Thanks to: Peat Bog - guitar, perc, voice David Kenny - guitar Dennis Blackham - digital transfer And not forgetting: Dave Andrews, Colin Potter, Christoph, David, Drei and Roo
Other Notes:
Track 5 finishes at around 10:37 and restarts again around 12:40 as an untitled dub track

Good review at

Beautiful, eerie, compelling. A rich melding of minds and sounds. I love this piece.


Princess Sparkle Pony said...

This is a big favorite of mine. Truly extraordinary. I've checked out other Aranos releases, and I'm afraid they get a bit redundant pretty quickly. This one, though, is astonishingly beautiful. They did another, Santoor Lena Bicycle (spelling?), which is also quite nice, but more difficult to find.

wassonii said...

I'll take your caveat to heart regarding Aranos, but I'm still interested to hear his other projects. Santoor I'm trying to save the shekels to buy. It's available in some sectors, but pricey. I agree with you on Acts... Deeply beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I love the CD... the other Aranos CD is a little different... more "busy". I have it, I will post it soon... but remind me if it doesn't happen in a week or so because I am quite forgetful...
Thanks for the get well wish too.

Max said...

Thanks--hadn't heard this one before. A lot of great music here.