Friday, June 1, 2007


from Brainwashed :
1 Tamlin 2 How the Great Satanic Glory Faded
Personnel David Tibet Michael CashmoreNick SalomanSteven Stapleton David KennySleeve Notes"How The Great Satanic Glory Faded" details how Lucifer and Lucifera in their male and female forms appeared to me as they lamented their Fall from Heaven. Current 93 once when they were young oh once when they were so young: David Michael Tibet - vocals; Michael Cashmore - acousitc guitars, bass and whistles; Nicholas Saloman - electric guitar and electric dulcimer; Steven Stapleton - he has the whole wide world and a snakehorn in his hands. Mixed by him too. Engineered by David Kenny. Tibet laughed in the corner. My thanks to Tim for his permission to reproduce this brief extract from our conversation of September 7, 1994. Lyrics by David Tibet.
Cut by Denis and George at Porky's. Front ocver. "Arboreal Cult" by Austin Osman Spare. Inner cover. "How The Great Satanic Glory Faded" by Andrew King (XXXXIV). "Tamlin" traditional/arranged by Current 93. "How The Great Satanic Glory Faded" David Tibet/Current 93 thankyouall.
My thanks redriverrun to: Starspace, John Balance, Paul Cheshire, Shirley Collins, The Venerable C.R. Lama Rinpoche, Richard Dalby, Tiny Tim, Mr. Bucks Burnett, Mr. Martin Sharp, Mr. Gregor Brune, the Ricedogs, and Lynn for her wine: they have all helped me in many and different ways.
This record is limited to 2000 numbered copies, and is released to celebrate Hallowe'en 1994. Terrify not man, or God shall terrify you.
"Love knocks and enters, but knowledge stands without." - The Cloud Of Unknowing
Thus I wash the Stinking Gnoddo, and have become - almost - as pure as snow. David Michael Tibet, October 1994
The CD version has a bit more of the telephone dialogue between Tiny Tim and David Tibet at the beginning and end of "How the Great Satanic Glory Faded".

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